The world around us is transforming faster than ever. While cultures amalgamate and the intellectual borders blur, essentiality of an all-round personality to survive in the international market has multiplied manifolds.

And this is why mastering Foreign Languages allow a Corporate to break the communication barrier and strike rewarding deals in the international market.

Effective communication with a client in his native language increases the chances of a strong and stable business relationship. Hence, a multi-lingual corporate team not only succeeds in the international business market but provides unshakable grounding for the company’s successful foreign expansion.

IAOL’s Corporate Team Learning Course therefore, aims to enhance an employee’s communication skills in Foreign Language (especially Non-English).

The program is hence designed by qualified experts with an unwavering focus on Experiential Language Training, Module Learning and Exercises, Lectures and Discussions, all structured over internationally recognized language learning LEVELS. The course at IAOL is a proven effective model to give a Corporate employee the overall skill set to gain an edge in the international competitive market.

Who Should Join

IAOL corporate team package is designed for:

  • MNCs working in & with Foreign countries
  • Companies planning for cross-border expansion
  • Corporate teams pursuing important Deals abroad
  • Corporate Employees learning to deal with International Clients
  • Corporate Teams or Employees engaging in Foreign Projects
  • Employees migrating to Foreign Countries
  • Employes making a shift to the International Department


Time constraints for Corporate professionals are unavoidable. Keeping the important Corporate Management variables in consideration, the training and learning module of IAOL’s Corporate Team Package Learning Course is precisely structured to provide significant value addition to Employee communication skills with utmost efficiency.

With highly qualified experts as trainers, the course is targeted to empower the learner with influential Communication and Business Relationship Skills (specifically relating to their business field), thereby increasing their tool-kit towards building a more successful business. The course aims not only at improving Modern International Communication Skills but also provides relevant training to extrapolate these according to different working environments and cultures across the world.

IAOL therefore, offers the course in two distinct formats keeping client’s convenience at the top:

  • One-on-One Sessions for Corporate Employees
  • Group (Online & Offline) Sessions for Corporate Employees
  • Short duration Comprehensive Workshop for Corporate Teams

Why this course?

  • Imparts Foreign Language Communication Skills (Formal and Informal)
  • Develops better Rapport of Employee with International Colleagues
  • Empowers the Employee with Skill Set and International Awareness
  • Significantly improves Team Performance
  • Introduces Cultural Sensitivity, Adaptation, Life Skills, Foreign Trip Planningand many more.

Outcome of Multilingual Mastery

  • Competitive edge with being multilingual
  • Improved Communication, Presentation and Overall Personality Enhancement
  • Tools to expand client reach with International Linguistic mastery
  • Improved Confidence, Productivity and command over striking deals

Business Relationship Development

  • Employee-Client Relationship Management
  • Formal and Informal Conversational Skills
  • Trust and Comfort Building tools
  • Training to deal with unpredictable work conditions
  • Intellectual skills to improve Business Relations
  • Overall Employee Training towards a better business

Foreign Language Corporate Training

IAOL’s Corporate Team Learning Course aims to enhance the modern corporate employee's Foreign Language communication skills along with training their essential personality skills which forms an integral part towards business relationships across the globe.

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