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English is a Global language which has become the need of the hour. It is the dominant language for business, service as well as trade. By achieving fluency in speaking English you can fast forward your career.

We at, International Academy of Languages, have devised a method of training Individuals to not only be able to grasp the language but to become the master of it. We understand the most important question there is- what is the actual importance of learning English as a language?

The Importance of English in today’s world:

  • It is the Language of the World. You may interact with anyone across the globe with this common Language.
  • It is the top Language of the Internet & Corporates. All professionals use English as a medium in writing, speaking & interacting.
  • It opens new career opportunities for all. English Knowledge is one of the most sought after Employability Skills.
  • Schools, colleges & universities across the globe accept students with good command of the English language.
  • The English language also imparts the much needed confidence to be able to present oneself.

Who should join?

  • Students or individuals who want to upscale their career options.
  • Students looking for higher studies abroad.
  • Professionals looking to boost their career
  • Business owners.
  • Tour guides and travellers.
  • People migrating to English speaking countries.
  • Influential public speakers.

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6 Candidates a Batch

Certified Indian and Native Trainers

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100% Job Assistance

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yes. Learning English requires a minimum of 6 hours per week of training. For working professionals or college students who have prior commitments during weekdays, IAOL offes weekend batches that are conducted for three hours on Saturday & Sunday. We also offer late evening sessions on weekdays such as Monday/Wednesday/Friday 7-9 pm batch which is one of our most popular batches.

Learning has no age as long as you are determined. But scientific researches researchers think that early adolescence is the optimal time. For Indian, who live in a multilingual environment, it is easy to catch a new language.

Becoming proficient in a language takes time, but one can definitely get familiarised with a language in short span. Every language has its own duration of training such as a Basic level course of 2 months introduces you to basic familiar expressions in the Language such as Self-Introduction, Conducting yourself in public places such as Airport or Restaurants. So there is no fixed answer to this question as the duration will depend on variables such as choice of language, proficiency you wish to achieve, learning capability of individuals etc.

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IAOL is one of India’s renowned academies based in Mumbai for Spoken English.

We at IAOL, train you to develop proficiency in a new language knowledge which equips one to study and/or gain employment abroad as well as in India, or even if one wants to learn it just as a hobby. Learning English and other international languages significantly helps in career growth.

Through our well structured course, we can help you be proficient in speaking, reading and writing English. We also have an expert career counsellors panel who will help you to get the vision of your career direction & growth.

The benefits of doing the Spoken English course with IAOL are:

  • Our advanced level course imparts confidence and enhances your personality as an individual.
  • Our industry recognized certificate that can be used in your CV or resume.
  • We provide regular practice sessions and mock tests which helps the learner to improve their skills in a tested manner.
  • Candidates get to be a part of an interactive community with people of diverse interests where they can learn things on and off the curriculum.

Our course modules are divided into three further levels-

Beginners English: LEVEL 1 (30 HR COURSE)

This course focuses on building fundamentals and basic grammar skills. The course will instil confidence and fluency in your language through interactive training sessions involving grammar exercises, written drills, group talks, mannerisms, interactive conversations and real-life situations.

Why this course?

  • It develops confidence in Individual.
  • It helps to understand & speak English.
  • > It teaches the skills to Introduce yourself in Interviews
  • It builds correct knowledge of Grammar
  • It improves your pronunciation.
  • It enables you to converse in English with ease.

Foundation English: LEVEL 2 (40 HR COURSE)

This course is ideal for students with a vernacular medium background. Candidates who have done their schooling in regional language are most suited for this course. This course focuses on day to day English.

It enhances your English grammar skills thereby developing Confidence & Fluency in your language. The format for this course is highly interactive with the training module including a variety of group activities such as Mock Interviews, Mannerism training, written drills, sentences and question building tasks along with verb conjugation exercises.

Why this course?

  • Fluency in Speaking English.
  • It prepares you for Interviews & Office communication.
  • Increases Confidence.
  • Strengthens your Foundation of English Language.
  • Develops your Vocabulary.
  • Increases your Employability Skills.
  • Clear Phonics & Pronunciations.
  • Overall improvement in Communication Skills.

Advanced English: LEVEL 3 (40 HR COURSE)

Despite being able to write and read in English, Do you find it difficult to hold a conversation in English… Do you feel shy about speaking English? Is fast and automatic conversation the key to getting a better job, meeting new people and improving your life?

If you answered yes to these questions, then this is the right course for you.

In our Advanced English Course, one develops the Fluency & deep command of the language. This course develops expertise in the english language.

Why this course?

  • Elevating your Communication Skill.
  • Introduction to Public Speaking.
  • Gears up for Professional Communication.
  • Enriching your Presence & Confidence.
  • Sharpens your Command on the Language.
  • Develops Word Power.
  • Personality Development.


Sentence Construction

Alphabets, Numbers, Pronunciation, Translation

Think in English

Train the brain from Second Language to English

Grammar & Vocab

Basic Vocabulary

Concepts of Nouns, Gender, Number, Pronouns, Adverbs, Verbs and Adjectives

Everyday English

Self- Introduction, Mannerisms, Time-Day

Conversation in Real Life situations

Shed your Hesitation

Interactive Conversation

Writing Practice

Speaking in front of the group


Train The Brain

Concept of thinking in English

Drop the second Language usage

Effective for people having education in Vernacular-Medium

Building your Grammar

Know when to use what

Tenses, Adjectives, Conjunction, Punctuation

Everyday usage of Grammar

Word Power

Impress with improved vocabulary

Understanding the difficult words, their meanings & correct handling

Communication Skill

Role Play & Interactive sessions

Confidence Building Exercises

Public Speaking Practice

Accent Neutralization & Phonics

People Skills & Personality Development

Interaction in a Group Discussion & Extempore

Gain confidence through Body Language

Shed your Hesitation

Impress with your Personality

Employability Skills

Professional Resume Writing Techniques

Interview Practice

Telephone & Email Etiquettes


Sharpening your Grammar & Vocab

Advanced Level Vocabulary

Grammar Brush up

Smart Conversational Techniques

Corporate Communication such as Business Presentation

Smart Conversation in Meetings

Effective Interaction & Listening techniques

Public Speaking

Introduction to Public Speaking in Meetings & Group Activities

Social Etiquettes & Body Language

Art of grabbing the attention of your Audience & Hold it throughout

Personality Development

Presentations Skills & Leadership Qualities enhancement

Improving Interpersonal Skills & becoming Job ready via Mock Interviews

Time & Stress management, Overpowering nervousness

Goal Setting & Selling Skills

Overall Personality Makeover

WEEKDAY Intensive Course
WEEKDAY Extensive Course
WEEKDEND Extensive Batch

8 Hrs/Week

6 Hrs/Week

6 Hrs/Week


Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday

Monday, Wednesday,

Saturday, Sunday


2 Hrs Each Day:
10 am - 12 noon
2 pm - 4 pm
7 pm - 9 pm

2 Hrs Each Day:
10 am - 12 noon
2 pm - 4 pm
7 pm - 9 pm

3 Hrs Each Day:
9 am - 12 noon
2 pm - 5 pm
6 pm - 9 pm











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